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NOCTURNA is an Australian luxury lifestyle brand sourcing the finest, cruelty free ingredients. 

NOCTURNA candles feature luminous black glass filled with our eco friendly, non GMO soy wax blend, laced with hypnotic perfumes. Hand poured in Australia.

NOCTURNA sources the finest fragrance oils to create our exotic, unisex candle scents. 

NOCTURNA is inspired by the beauty of nature and the mystery of night.  Each uniquely themed candle in our signature range allows you to transform your room or living space into a distant, far away place, a mystic realm.




We do not use harmful paraffin or palm waxes.  Our signature blend of GMO free, coconut wax and soy wax harvested from sustainable resources ensures we produce a high quality candle, safe for humans and the earth. 

NOCTURNA candles are vegan friendly.

We do not use toxic lead wicks.  We use naturally grown wooden wicks created from a soft wood sourced from sustainable forests in North America.

Our glass containers can be recycled or repurposed.  Please share how you've repurposed your container on Instagram or Twitter @nocturnacandles #nocturnacandles #nocturna

Once you've burnt the candle down to the bottom with a small amount of wax remaining, soak the glass or tin in very warm, soapy water.  Once the wax has softened, gently clean it out with paper towel or a rag.  The warm water should loosen the remainder of the wick and metal wick holder.  Discard, dry and re purpose!  You can also put it in the freezer for a day or two, then tap it out.



Please follow our simple burning guide to ensure a safe, clean burn, straight down the sides of the glass container with little or no wastage.  Never move a burning candle as the candle glass can be extremely hot.  Once extinguished, leave to cool completely prior to moving.


I. If you notice your flame is too small, extinguish, wait 5 minutes and re light.  If you notice your candle flame is too high, extinguish the flame, trim the wick and re-light. 

II. Our use of wooden wicks creates a very subtle, woody, smokey scent and a gentle crackling sound, resembling a wood fire.

III. Use the NOCTURNA wick trimmer to maintain your candle.


I. Ideally use a click lighter or bbq lighter to ignite candle

II. Burn candle until the liquid wax pool reaches each side of the glass

III. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/8th of an inch by either snapping off the excess wick with your fingers when the candle is cold or using the wick trimmer available in our store

IV. Keep the candle wax free of any loose wick trimmings

V. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time

VI. Do not leave candle unattended & ensure it is positioned away from pets & children

VII. Ensure you position the candle on a stable, heat resistant surface, away from curtains and drafts



You may notice small liquid beads, known as sweating, on the candle surface; natural soy wax is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and this is a normal occurance, as we do not use additives to prevent it occuring.  This does not affect the performance of the candle.  It's not necessary, however, you can remove this by simply wiping with paper towel prior to burning.

We choose to keep our candles free of colour dyes, so you may notice natural discolouration at times due to the hue of the fragrance oil.  Parrafin waxes typically create a strong scent candle.  Due to our use of natural waxes you'll notice our fragrances are more subtle and delicate in nature.

Our candles are like vampires; keep out of the sun!  They can melt in a hot car or direct sunlight. Afterall, our candles are light for nocturnal people!




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